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Pride / Queer Mais Trash 2024

This year, we’ll be in the official catalog for Brussels Pride week 2024. A best of from the Courts + Queer Mais Trash 2024 festival, including sexually explicit films. A godsend for those who couldn’t find tickets in January. See you on May 15 at the Aventure cinema. It’s free, but reservations are required, and only via the cinema’s website (for adults only).

A screening organized with the Center for Equal Opportunities of the City of Brussels, equal.brussels & Rainbow House.

Call For Entries

The call for submissions is open on Filmfreeway ! Submit NOW, this year we won’t be able to extend it as usual ! We welcome films of all genres and formats, including feature films!

Still from Call Me Mommy by Tara O’Callaghan

Courts Mais Trash on tour 2024

Friends of the BSFF invite us for another carte blanche!

2 different screenings for 2 times the fun (not too trashy), taking place at Flagey on Friday, April 26 at 10:00 pm and Thursday, May 02 at 9:30 pm, for a selection of recent films as well as a few archives (we’ve pulled out some old files for our upcoming 20th anniversary!).

In addition to this program, we’re privileged to be included in the cult Nuit du Court on Saturday April 27 in Flagey’s splendid Studio 4.

Full details are available on theBSFFwebsite .

In May, we’re off to the Greeks for our friend Menelas’ “Satyrs and Maenads” festival. A retrospective of sexually explicit films from our archives, as well as more committed films tackling the issues of sexworkers.

After Trash Movie – Courts + Queer Mais Trash 2024

Camera & Edit : Milan Tintané-Ducharme / Music : VHS From Space

Beloved audience, it’s time to bid farewell until next year, already, sniff sniff. Over 5200 of you joined us for the festivities at Riches-Claires, it’s incredible, the rooms were packed throughout the week. We hope you had a great time, and that you’ll come back FOR THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF COURTS MAIS TRASH!!!

LOTS OF KISSES, the Courts+Queer Mais Trash team, Independent & UNDERGROUND Film Festival.

Courts + Queer Mais Trash 2024 Awards

It’s time to unveil the Awards, given by the Jury (our audience). Congratulations to all!

Best Queer Film
500€ offered by the Festival

House of Whoreship

Holly Bates
AU 2022 15’40

Best National Film
500€ offered by Sabam


Levi Stoops
BE 2023 14’49

Best International Film
500€ offered by the Festival

Call Me Mommy

Tara O’Callaghan
IE 2022 14’59

Best Cheap Film – Born 2BE Cheap
500€ offered by the Festival


Caroline Dujardin, Justine Venet
FR 2021 05’00

Best Belgian Student Film
500€ offered by Loterie Nationale


Naomi Noiret
BE 2023 17’00