Since 2005 Courts Mais Trash has been the showcase for independent and underground short film cinema. that has been taking place in Brussels since 2005. It was born out of the desire to spotlight  films evolving outside the box, that don’t find their way into conventional distribution circuits. We encourage originality, ‘do-it-yourself’, political incorrectness and creativity.

Building on a growing success, the festival is expecting 7500 visitors (9 day) and in some other key cultural venues in Brussels. Out of the 2,000 films considered for each edition, around 100, of various formats , are showcased, and around 40 directors out of these are invited to meet the public.

In 2019, Queer Mais Trah was created as a 100% non-binary version of Courts Mais Trash with a program dedicated to LGBTQIA+ communities. Queer Mais Trash invites its audience to deconstruct and decompartmentalize representations, in order to raise awareness of the cause and widen the field of possibilities.

During a week, which is now famous, you’ll attend our classical categories:  “Born 2 be Cheap”, dedicated to no-budget films; “Courts Mais Trash Deluxe”, dedicated to films with slightly more budget; “Female Trouble”, dedicated to feminist themes; and the very explicit “Super Sex”.
The audience is the one and only judge of this competition. Overall, 5 prizes will be awarded, worth a total of 2,500 euros.

Rounding off the program, alongside screenings, After Trash Parties will take place : concerts, performances and the famous Karaoke Mais Trash. The festival also organizes sessions for school audiences and professional events for young filmmakers.

Today, Courts Mais Trash and Queer Mais Trash combine their forces to offer a 6 days of festival at the end of January and are invited, all year long, to lots of events to program “cartes blanches”, including: the BIFFF, Brussels short film festival, the Festival du Cinéma Belge en Garrigue (FR), the But Film Festival in Breda (NL), Court Métrange (Rennes, FR) and Fenêtre sur Courts (Dijon, FR).

We’re open even to the most daring proposals – just get in touch!