Queer Mais Super Sex 2024 EN

Queer Mais Super Sex

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
9 p.m. – Salle 2 (online reservations are closed, tickets available at the door)
9.15 p.m. – Salle 1 (online reservations are closed, tickets available at the door)

+ Additional screening !

Saturday, February 3, 2024
7.15 p.m. – Salle 2

For the naughty ones, we have selected very hot Queer Mais Super Sex. With Jan Soldat’s Speed Date ! And we are honoured to welcome Menelas, director of Satyrs & Maenads : Athen Porn Film Festival and director of Auto/Visuel. Prends Moi dans les bois, which just received jury’s prize at the Athenian festival, will also be part of the selection. Adults only.

House of Whoreship

Holly Bates
AU 2022 15’40

Speed Date

Jan Soldat
DE 2023 00’55
No dialogues


GR 2023 09’18
No dialogues

Les Dieux du supermarché

Alberto Gonzalez Morales
CH 2022 07’55


Prends-moi dans les bois

Bande James Bond
BE 2022 03’45

Deep Queer Massacre

Mathieu Morel
FR 2023 29’14

Pussy Gazing

abcde Flash
CH 2023 06’51