Info & Tickets


Single tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or online:

In case the screening you want to attend is sold out, you may come in person the day of the event and sign on a waiting list.


Single Ticket : 8 EUR

Pack Mais Trash** (5 screenings) : 30 EUR

**Here are a few rules to follow in order to benefit from it:

  • The Pack Mais Trash is neither personal nor nominative: it can be shared between you and others
  • No admission will be allowed to the theater after the session has begun
  • A Pack Mais Trash can only be purchased in advance at Riches-Claires website, at latest one day before the Festival (no on-site purchases possible)
  • No refunds possible (even if you haven’t used your 5 tickets)
  • Holding a Pack Mais Trash does not guarantee you entry to the theater, so it’s ESSENTIAL TO BOOK YOUR SHOWS first through the website above.


Les Riches-Claires

24 rue des Riches-Claires
B-1000 Brussels
Google Maps

+32 2 548 2580

Trigger Warning

Because of the themes and images depicted in the movies, Courts Mais Trash and Queer Mais Trash are events reserved for a desensitised audience. Most screenings are directed to an audience of minimum 16 yo. Because of their explicit content, viewers might find the Super Sex, Super Trash and WTF?! screenings offensive, and are thus not suitable for minors.