Queer mais Trash – Wednesday MAY 15 – 8 pm (SOLD OUT) & extra screening at 9.30pm is also SOLD OUT. Thank you so much !!!


Diversity has always been a key element for Courts Mais Trash, having attracted a wildly mixed audience over the years the festival also amassed an abundance of superbly Queer shorts during its nearly ten-year reign. In honour of this years Pride, we offer an exquisite selection of all things LGBTQIXYZ… with a carefully curated ‘Best Of’ selection and a slew 100% previously unseen films ranging from: Political, militant, funny and not so funny to hot, hotter, hottest and just plain old WTF!? A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Aide Info Sida (for AIDS awareness), the organisation that provides us with free rubbers during the Courts Mais Super SEX screenings.

La programmation :

Welcome to Athens – Menelas – GR – 2018

Piedad –  Naya  – 2017 –  ES/DE

The Congregation – CHRUZ – 2019 – FI

Cocaine PISS – Dry Mouth – Peggy Lee Cooper & Dimitri Geukenne 2019 – BE

Release Me – Julie Chance -Matt Lambert 2018 – DE

Breakfast in bed – Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell 2017 – DE

Dear Babe – Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell – 2018 – DE

Brunch on Bike – Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell – 2019 – DE

MIMICRY – Jennifer von Schuckmann – 2018 – DE