The Pass Mais Trash is on sale!

This Grail will give you access to 80 films divided into 10 screenings. 500 Pass Mais Trash are available. Buy yours now! To obtain it, click HERE

PROMO !!!! The presales will be € 12 and from the opening of the online festival, the price will be € 15.

The Pass Mais Trash is valid from April 21 to April 28, 2021.

As soon as one of the 10 film sessions is activated, you have 72 hours left to watch it.

It is not possible to take a ticket for a specific film session.

Some details for this first online edition:

  • The festival is hosted on Eventive, the professional platform dedicated to the film festival.
  • It is on this site that the Pass Mais Trash are purchased and the films will be available.
  • The films and  film sessions are accessible worldwide.

Only the “International Competition 3” is geo-blocked in the kingdom, for questions of rights.

Really Sorry for that, non-residents in Belgium!

  • For any additional questions, refer to the Eventive website (“Need Help?” Menu)

We are delighted and honored that you are faithful to the appointment! We did everything we could to ensure that the festival took place despite everything and at a very affordable price …We do not hide from you that it took a lot of work and energy!

But what wouldn’t we do for you ??? So if your heart tells you so and you are looking for a way to say thank you…

You can support your favorite festival! Donate to us via the Eventive platform,

Make sure we stay alive and kicking !!!