Female Trouble (repeat)

Female Trouble (additonal screening)

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Cinéma Aventure
5.30 p.m. – Room 2

This screening was initially shown in March within the framework of the International Women’s Rights Day.

Since its beginning, Courts Mais Trash has tried to find a balance between female and male movies directors and showcase movies directed by women or women perceived as such.

This screening, a repeat of the March one, deals with motherhood and parenthood at large. Pregnancy test, abortion and other themes will be tackled during the screening.

Le Test

Gabrielle Stemmer

FR 2020 17’35

Que no me roben los sueños

Zoé Brichau

BE 2020 28’33

Paye (pas) ton gynéco

Nina Faure

FR 2018 20’29


Pola Beck

DE 2017 10’00