National Competition 2

National Competition 2

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
9 p.m. – Salle 1
9.15 p.m. – Salle 2

Highlights of this screening will be the international premiere of Pol Bourdellon’s clip “BBL” and the national premiere of Aurélie Wijnants’ “Un mariage heureux”.

You will be the only jury for this session and Sabam will offer a 500 Euro Creation Prize to the winning film. 

Even if this session is full of the Belgian spirit, the themes can be hurtful for some people : domestic abuse, sex assault, incest and pedophilia.

Trigger Warning : through their themes and images, some movies from these screenings could hurt a sensitive audience. While it will be announced, you should also feel free to ask members of the festival organization for more information. The most potentially hurtful screenings are the National Competition, Female Trouble and Courts Mais Super Sex (this one in particular).

Marcel – BBL

Pol Bourdellon
BE 2022 03’23


Elliot Audigé
BE 20221 08’51

Un mariage heureux

Aurélie Wijnants
BE 2022 15’00

Unusual Sunset

Noé Garcia
BE 2022 09’02
No dialogues

L’eau à la bouche

Emmanuelle Huynh
BE 2021 14’42

Louis & Jeanne

Amaury Fontaine Bouma
BE 2021 19’55

La cerise sur le gâteau

Chloe Farr
BE 2020 05’30