Courts Mais Trash 2021 | Female Trouble
MODERN WHORE by Nicole Bazuin (CA, 2020)

Female Trouble“, Courts Mais Trash involved!

The Brussels film festival dedicated to independent short films invites you to its 2021 screening of “Female Trouble“. On the occasion of the international day of the fight for women’s rights, Courts Mais Trash offers you, in collaboration with the Brussels Equal Opportunities Unit, an online screening, with a resolutely (pro)feminist, inclusive and mixed programming, faithful to the festival’s DNA.

A debate will accompany the session, moderated by the curator, Célia Pouzet and composed of the 6 directors, accessible from March 8 to 14, 2021.

Access (worlwide) is limited to the first 500 subscribers ! The link for access to the platformis already available HERE. Order now !!!