Courts Mais Trash 2021 | Female Trouble
WALLY WENDA by Diane Russo (USA, 2019)

This month, like every year, we celebrate women’s week. So now that we have been on covid-leave and/or sort of worked from home during this damned 2020 year, the real labour starts now, and women, when it comes to navigating jobs and careers, struggle even harder. In these six short films, directed by… women (ha, good I thought I’d lost you), women confront the disparities and injustices done to them through a panel of diverse professions. She acts in THE FOURTH WALL, she cooks in CARNE, she paints in THE PAINT WIZZARD, she sexes in MODERN WHORE, she examines in END-O, she fishes in WALLY WENDA. She develops many skills while trying not to bleed everywhere – let’s try not to stain their fragile ego with our impurities – it’s tough gymnastics ! Because, yes even today, when you’re a woman, whether you’re born with a uterus or not, you have to work twice as hard to show the heteropatriarchal society that you’re worth it, that you do your best to fit in the cis-tem, but that you’re not (just) a baby-making machine. A real obstacle course although “in the pyramid of tolerance, women always come last”. Nevertheless, with us at Courts Mais Trash, whether she’s a boss lady or a crazy cat unemployed witch, she will always come first !

Curated by Celia Pouzet

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