COURTS MAIS TRASH | About the Festival


The idea for Courts Mais Trash originated from a lack of a proper platform for independent short films.

Films that fail to meet conservative cinematographic standards are mostly snubbed by festival programmers and legitimate audio-visual venues. Trash is not meant in the provocative or shocking sense only but also for alternative, political, cheap, offbeat…

The goal of Courts Mais Trash is to offer to filmmakers quality projections in good conditions. For the viewer the goal is simply to provide them a chance to discover unusual movies in various format.

Every category of film will be screened, from experimental to animation, through video clips and documentaries. The shorts don’t have to be necessarly trash, but we do encourage work that is in the margin of tradiotional work and stimulating the spectators interest. To avoid any possible confusion: the screenings are strictly adults only.

In Brussels the first Courts Mais Trash took place on the 1st of April in 2005 at the Centre Culturel des Riches Claires. Directors that were there (mostly Belgians) were invited to introduce their work to the public before the screening. A tradition that is still going on today. Riches Claires also offers bar facilities, as well as an opportunity for post screening discussions.

An association without lucrative purpose was created under the name of Born2BeCheap with the support of the cultural municipal office of Brussels and The National Lottery.

Other festivals have since welcomed ‘out of competition’ Courts Mais Trash screenings, such as: Festival du film européen de Lille, Festival du film belge de Moustier, Festival du court métrage de Bruxelles, La faites de l’image, des Vidéophages à Toulouse and the BIFF. Since november 2011 a selection of short films are also screened at La Zone in Liège.

Some movies have gone on to become cult favourites such as Caca Baudouin, Gay ?, NANA!AGAIN, La révolution des crabes, Cyprien, Moi et les autres, Cet entarté près de chez vous and The Herd.